Donate to Sasquatch Woods People

Sasquatch Woods People finds that activism isn’t free: materials for meetings, purchasing reference material, maintaining this website, and other small costs, do really add up over time! We are hoping that some who are interested in this work may whish to help with the costs that we are currently paying out-of-pocket.

We would like to offer a small gift as a symbol of our appreciation for the donations! For a $30 donation, you will receive a Sasquatch Woods People T-Shirt from the recent 2021 Holland Roundup. For a $100 donation, you will receive a beautiful hand-carved dining spoon by Rio Palacios. Rio (who is 18 and is the son of the organizers of SWP) is locally renowned for making art-quality spoons to sell at local artisan events; his spoons have sold out immediately every time he makes some. The only wood used for the spoons, ever, is found, already-dead trees. For a $200 donation, you will receive a larger cooking spoon or spatula. (Don’t worry, Rio is not having to make the spoons for free: will have agreed to pay him what the spoons are worth and keep the balance for SWP!)

If you choose to donate and would like to receive a T-shirt, spoon, or cooking spoon, please include a note with your donation payment, as to what T-shirt you would like, or if you would like a spoon, and what address it should be sent to. T-shirts will be shipped immediately. Spoons will be sent within 3 weeks of the donation.

$30 Donation – Sasquatch Woods People T-Shirt

$40 Donation – Save The Trees T-Shirt

These are the current campaign T-Shirts. You can buy them straight from us at events for $30, but for buying them from us here online we’ll say $40 to cover the shipping. These beautiful shirts are locally famous already!

We have the dark green in Unisex sizes, and the lighter green in women’s sizes. Either are available with either the rainbow chakra colored printing, or the white printing.

$100 Donation – Dining Spoons

$200 Donation – A Cooking/Serving Spoon or Spatula

SWP thanks you for your support! Please donate and send us your info, and we will send your gift right back to you!