Good News: Aerial Spray Cancelled

John Hancock is not going to helicopter-spray in O’Brien after all (newsletter from 4/20/2022)

     The helicopter spraying that was supposed to happen in O’Brien has been canceled.  Cindy and several other residents called Harlan Tso, of John Hancock, who said they would not actually be using a helicopter to spray the O’Brien land, and that it was his mistake to submit the permit because he is new to his job.  (Cindy found NOAPs for other helicopter spraying actions in Josephine County, more than a year ago, also submitted under Harlan Tso’s name, so he’s not exactly brand-new to his job.)  But he said that while they do use the helicopter method in this County, they are not going to use helicopters to spray near the Illinois Valley.  There was a little bit of confusing back-and-forth on where they do and do not use helicopters, and it was clear that we’ll need to keep paying attention to the NOAP’s for ourselves.  We are not quite ready to trust the things they tell us!   

     Cindy asked that if they were not actually going to do the helicopter spray in O’Brien, could they take down the NOAP that permitted them to spray at any moment, and he actually did do that: it is officially cancelled.

     Thank you all who called.  That was great effort that made an impact on someone who was testing the waters.

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